Top Of The Props 2017!

News at Websters | 15/12/2017

Ed Sheeran recently revealed he has another trick up his sleeve to try and secure the highly coveted Christmas number 1 and to finish the year as it started, at the top spot.  But can our roads in the Golden Triangle do the same? 


We decided to investigate which road/street will be crowned 2017’s Top of The Props!   

With 386 properties sold in the Golden Triangle there were certainly a few contenders for the Number 1 Spot this year. After checking all the sold prices in the NR2 catchment we are please to announce Websters Top of The Props Top 10!!

Number 10 - JESSOP ROAD , Average sale price £475,000.

Number 9 - MOUNT PLEASANT, Average sale price £531,666.

Number 8 - LE STRANGE CLOSE, Average sale price £538,050.

Number 7 - COW HILL, Average sale price £560,000.

Number 6 - CLARENDON ROAD, Average sale price £648,033.

Number 5 - CHAPEL FIELD EAST, Average sale price £650,000.

Number 4 - WEST PARADE, Average sale price £831,225.

Number 3 - NEWMARKET ROAD, Average sale price £871,666.

Number 2 - CHESTER PLACE, Average sale price £925,000.

Number 1 - ALBERMARLE ROAD, Average sale price £1,337,500.

Despite the predictions of many, 2017 found the local market actually strengthened, with prices increasing on average over £7,700 over the last 12 months - this statistic highlights even more just how proud we should be at Websters that we have managed to average in excess of 100% of the asking price of our sold houses this year.

If this has got you wondering what your house is worth or maybe you live on one of the featured roads in our Top 10 please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01603 670646 and we will be more than happy to provide you with a Free No Obligation Market Appraisal!


By Chris Daws, Websters