Websters iLounge

Welcome to Websters New ilounge 

Norfolk's first interactive and immersive property experience. 

We are always striving to innovate where possible and streamline our services to best suit our clients.

When distruptive technology comes along we are naturally slow to participate and have to question whether it actually enhances our life or services we offer.

In estate agency we have seen the rise (and struggles) of online estate agents and whilst they have failed to take a meaniful market share away from high street agents, it has pushed the industry to innovate quicker. Also the pandemic
in 2019 brought the additional need for ‘virtual viewings’ and a LOT of Zoom calls between clients!

It transpired that Websters were already ahead of the game by installing our virtual ilounge in 2018. We saw a shift of clients wanting to view more on their computer screen rather than in-person, unless they were really interested in a viewing. We are the first in Norfolk to install an interactive screen in our office whereby clients can walk through houses using our 3D mapping technology. A little like street view on google but inside your home!

When instructing Websters to sell your home our Sales valuer will discuss all the marketing options available to you. We strongly recommend you consider our enhanced package of professional photos and a 3D virtual tour.